Yulu miracle bike price in India and from where it can be purchased

Yulu miracle bike price in India and from where it can be purchased

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know-how can you buy or book Yulu miracle bike and from where it can be purchased so that you can easily use and have a good ride.

Yulu miracle bike price in India

In India, Yulu miracle bike is growing very fast as it is an affordable bike that is liked by all. However, until now, you are not able to purchase the Yulu miracle bike permanently, so you have to book a bike to use, you have to use this bike as a rent, the more you use the bike, the more it costs, if you want to take this yulu miracle bike to your home than you have to book your yulu bike according to your time, you can get this bike for maximum 3 months, to book yulu bike you have to download yulu company official app from play store or AppStore you just have to search Yulu and download the app, after downloading you have to open the app and fill-ups your details like mobile number, Email ID, set the password, completing mobile verification, etc before booking the bike you have to deposite 199 rupees amount for security purpose which is refundable whenever you want to end your rent or cancel it you can easily get refunded, to book according to the needs you have to click in more option in the app and search fore a prive option, in prive you will see the price according to the time like 15 days 999 rupees, 16-45 days 67 rupees per day, 46-90 days 67 rupees per day you have to click in get start and slect your booking routine and the time for how many days you want, you have to pay a delivery fee of rupees 100 after filling your address and after completing the payment bike will be dilevered to you location through their executive.

From where it can be purchased

To get yulu electric bike you have to install their official app the yulu app and then you have to open the app and deposit money of 199 as a security deposit after deposit you have to look on the map whether is there have any yulu zone nearby you or not if you see yulu zone nearby you then you have to visit the zone and scan the code through the app which is provided in the bike after scanning you have to click in start riding and you are ready to go if you stop in someplace then you can pause ride in the app so that you will pay only for your ride, riding price will be charged according to your riding time like you can ride 15 minutes for 25 rupees, after completing the ride you have to return the bike to the yulu zone and click in the end ride in the app after completing your ride.

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