Tunwal TZ electric bike, price, Specification, Features

Tunwal TZ electric bike, price, Specification, Features

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Complete details of Tunwal TZ electric bike including design, features, price, Specification so that you could decide whether you should buy it or not.

 Tunwal TZ electric bike  

Tunwal TZ electric is the first electric bike from Tunwal company, the bike will launch in January 2021 in the Indian market so let's see the complete features of this Tunwal TZ electric bike and the performance of the bike.



let's start with the design of this electric bike, the design of this electric bike is very familiar with the petrol bikes especially the headlight if you see the headlight part it is somewhat similar to Honda bikes and it has good shock absorber severe which is the Telescopic Suspension and it is bordered with some plastic and also there is a mudguard in the different side of the bike.


Build quality

coming to the build quality some part of the bike is made with metal only like mudguard some body parts of the bike, but just like rest of the electric bike its body parts are also made with plastic, it is like a combination of both plastic and metal 50% are metal and 50% are made of plastic, this bike is available in multiple colours, it is mostly can be seen in white colour but it is also available in black colour and combine colour, coming to the front part of the bike, it has Telescopic suspension in the front side and there is a mudguard for safety and the tire are tubeless tyres, the wheels are alloy wheels as it comes with disc brake and also it comes with ABS anti-lock Braking System so it is safety purposes of breaking, so they have given this abs option also on the electric bike, so on the backside of this electric bike it comes with dual shock absorbers and below the shock absorbers there is a motor on the backside of the wheel, whereas the braking system is also disc brake so this electric bike comes with disk brake in both side, so come into the lighting of this Tunwal TZ electric bike the headlight is LED light and the  sidelight indicators, are yellow lights, in the backside also sidelight indicators are yellow light with red tail light. So these are the complete details about this tunwal TZ electric bike.



So coming to the features of this electric bike, here you will get a remote key to operate this electric bike and you will get the remote lock and unlock mode of this electric bike and there is also have a power button, you can even on this electric bike through the use of remote key and also there also have a find my scooter option in the remote if you click the find scooter option button it will continuously start giving the sound so that you can identify if your bike is parked somewhere and you lost the place, if you press this button you can easily be identified with the sound, it is a smart feature of this electric bike.

coming to the dashboard, there is a digital dashboard here it is in small size dashboard where you can see the speed, range, and battery percentage, you can only see 3 things here, on the front part of this electric bike it has a fake fuel tank Which looks very familiar kind of a petrol tank but in reality does not work, you can also see the engine in the bike but the engine also fake it was a battery container which looks like the engine from outside. due to its look, most people think it is an ordinary engine bike but it is not, the company gives the look of this bike as just like an engine bike. the coming to the seating of this electric bike, there is a multiple color option for dating commonly white and black are used for seating and also this by considering leg Guards for protection from gypsum someone unable to control this bike and the fall down there is a protection to safe the rider from serious injury.


The showroom price is 1,05,000 rupees and the on-road price will be around 1,10,000 rupees, it comes with the 3 years’ warranty of the battery pack and 1-year warranty for the motor.



ABS, this electric bike is India’s first electric bike with ABS.

Speed, the Speed of this electric bike is 60 kmph, with 3 modes of riding.

Motor, the motor capacity is 3 kilowatts which are fitted on the back tyre, 

Range, the range is 100 to 120 km range depending on the weight and the road condition, and the charging time is 3 to 4 hours

Battery, battery capacity is 2.88 kilowatt it is a lithium-ion battery pack, the battery can be removed so that owner can charge the battery asperity.

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