Rudra electric bicycle, price, range, speed, and Replacement cost

Rudra electric bicycle, price, range, speed, and Replacement cost

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Know complete details of the Rudra electric bicycle so that buyers can get accurate details about this electric bicycle before or after buying.


Rudra by Toroid

Rudra an all-new electric mountain bike by Toroid, After the success of toroid and maverick the company is back with a new model called Rudra, the important thing about this electric bicycle is it can give 100 km of range, its battery and mechanical components are purely made in India, the company did hard work of 6 months to launch this electric bicycle to the Indian market.



Unlike the previous model In Rudra electric bicycle, you will get to see a new frame design and color combination, this is the model of Toroid company and it comes with an Aerodynamic design with a matte finish combination of black and red color which gives a very attractive and premium look.


Build Quality

Coming to the build quality, to give a solid and robes build quality it 16 inches frame crafted by Alloy Steel which is very Tough and Durable this is the same materials through which most bikes and scooters are made, the weight of this Rudra electric cycle is a little more which is 25 kgs but the load capacity is 120kgs.



Rudra electric cycle run in a 250W BLDC rear hub motor, this is a 36-volt the motor which is produced a maximum of 36nn of Torque, 


Speed of Rudra

it can run about 25kmph of speed, but if you also use paddles then you can easily reach more than 45 kmph of speed. 



The motor is powered by a massive 20AH of lithium-ion battery and it’s a portable one, the best part is it is a completely made-in-India battery pack that comes with 800 to 1000 life cycles.


Replacement cost

The replacement cost of the Rudra, the replacement of 20 Ah battery will be around 17,000 rupees but if you use a 12.5 Ah battery then the replacement cost will be 14,000 rupees and if you use a lower Ah battery like 7.5Ah then the replacement cost will be 9,000 rupees.


Charging time

If we talk about charging time due to high battery capacity the company gives 5Amp fast charger with a 20Ah battery which helps to charge the battery 100%  just in 3 to 4 hours, whereas in 12.5 and 7.5Ah battery company give 2Amp charger which will fully charge the battery in 3 hours.


Riding Range

Well based on battery capacity you will get to see different riding ranges, wherein 20Ah battery will give a range of 60 to 70 km on throttle mode but in paddles mode the Rudra cycle can give 90 to 100 km of riding range if you take 12.5Ah battery pack with this mountain bike or cycle than in throttle mode it will give 40 to 50km of riding range but in paddles mode, it will give 60 to 70km of riding range. And if you take a 7.5Ah battery back then on the throttle mode it will give around 28 to 30 km or riding range and with the help of paddles mode, this electric cycle will give 45 to 50km of riding range. But the range provides can be decreased due to up and down roads and rider body weight.


Riding mode

To make Rudra simple and easy to ride for every individual, the company includes only two modes of operational Throttle mode. In throttle mode, it can run up to 25kmph of speed and assist, mode with only a single level of assistance but dual-sensor pas.



The wheel size of the Rudra electric bicycle is 26 inches and the tires are 2.35 inches of generic tires and combined with double-walled alloy rims, which mean it gives good grip and performance even in bad condition road, to give batter experience on off-road riding company install 80mm Indian made a front fork suspension with spring shocker seat.



Rudra is a single-speed gear electric bicycle which means you will not get a multiple gear system.



The company sets different prices with different battery capacities, the price for each model with a 7.5Ah battery pack is 30,000 rupees, each model with 12.5Ah is 35,000 rupees and for the 20Ah model, the price is 42,000 rupees.


Warranty and service

In this electric bicycle, you will get only 1 year of warranty and they provide on-call service.

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