Revolt rv400 STD (base) vs revolt rv400 Premium

Revolt rv400 STD (base) vs revolt rv400 Premium

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Complete details with a comparison of rv400 std or base and revolt rv400 premium, also with similarities and the price difference.


Revolt rv400

India’s first AI enable electric bike has been launched and many of the bookings also have been done, but there are 3 models that have been launched in Indian market which are revolt rv300, revolt rv400 std (base), and revolt rv400 premium, but most of the people get confused that which models are the best revolt rv400 std (base) or revolt rv400 premium and what is the difference between, in In this article, we will compare revolt rv400 std(base) and revolt rv400 premium so that you can know the difference and able to choose one of them.



In rv400 std (base) and rv400 premium, there are no differences in design they both are the same like tire size are same, the suspension is the same, bike weight, colour, seat, height fork, battery, etc. are the same, overall in design everything is the same.



We will cover 7 points which are very important and helpful to know the difference between revolt rv400 STD (base) and revolt rv400 Premium so that you can choose one of them, following are the points-

  1. 4G connectivity, because it is a smart bike many of its features are controlled through mobile, in rv400 premium you get 3 years of 4G connectivity but in rv400 str (base) you have to pay extra money of rupees 5,000 for 4G connectivity in rv400 std (base)
  2. Tyre replacement, in the beginning, a company claiming that tyre replacement service will also be available for all revolt bikes but it’s not true tyre replacement service is only available for rv400 premium, you can change the tyre for free only in rv400 premium models but only for one time.
  3. Mobilizer, basically mobilizer is a security device, so it is a safety feature like if someone uses another key to start your bike that bike will not start or it automatically stops after covering some distance, this is also a very good feature but again this feature is also only available on rv400 premium version.
  4. Insurance, in revolt rv400 premium you will get 3 years of full insurance and 3 years of third party insurance but in rv400 std (base) they give 1 year of full insurance and 5 years of the third party insurance.
  5. The remote key, in rv400 company, provide remote key but in rv400 base or std they don’t provide remote key feature it is only for rv400 premium, through this remote key you can lock or unlock the bike and can start the bike through the use of remote, also can locate the bike.
  6. Push start button, this is basically a power button through which you can start the bike but this is also only available in rv400 premium model.
  7. Sound simulator, for now, there are four sounds in the bike revolt, rage, rebel, roar, but in revolt rv400 premium later on you can also customize it.

Price difference

There are 18,000 price differences in revolt rv400 std (base) and revolt rv400 premium, like in rv400 std (base) you have to pay 3499 rupees of instalment every month for 36 months which will be around 1,30,000 rupees and in rv400 premium you have to give 3999 of instalment per month for 36 months which will be around 1,48,000 rupees, so there are around 18,000 rupees of price difference.

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