kridn R electric bike, range, specification, and speed 95kmpr

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India's fastest electric bike with 95 kmpr of top speed, range in a single charge, specification and Comparison with rv400.

kridn r electric bike 

one more electric bike entered into the Indian electric vehicle market this is this electric bike is made by “one electric company”, it is a Start-up in India and this company claim that 80% of this electric bike the component is made in India, know why and how it performs on the road the first if you look at the design of the three most of the parts look familiar with the petrol bike lighting the company's plant in such a way that they were targeted audience how to convert them into the electric bikes maybe for this reason they have chosen such kind of design the kridn r electric bike and when we talk about the height of this electric scooter it is medium height when compared with RV 400 is a little short height which means people who think rb400 is a little height they can consider the kridn r electric bike because it is medium height and you can clearly see the height of the electric bike.


Build quality 

Build quality of this electric bike is most of the parts are made with fibre plastic very few parts of them are actually made with iron if you see you can see it is made with fibre plastic and the garden for the battery is also made with fibre plastic leg Guard is made with iron the remaining frames are made with iron adding some of the protective elements are made with iron but most of the parts are made with fibre plastic so the build quality is like 60% made with the plastic and the remaining 40% is made of Iron.


Specifications of the Kridn r electric bike

Now let's see the specifications of the Kridn r electric bike,  the top speed of this electric bike is 95 km per hour that claim range is 120 km in Eco mode, in Eco mode the speed must be around 40 to 55 km per hour, whereas if you go with full speed which means 95 kmph the range will be around 80 km so that the range and the speed of this kridn r electric bike, there is a battery pack we can see the battery packs is fixed battery pack they said that it is a kind of heavy battery pack that's why they didn't give the option of removable battery, the capacity of this battery package 3 kilowatt-hours it is the lithium-ion battery pack and the charging time is around 4 to 5 hours to the power consumption will be around 3 units, I think in Hyderabad if you consider the power consumption it will be around 60 rupees based on the power tariff plans in Hyderabad but in other cities the power tariff plan might be where is the battery capacity 3 kilowatt-hour and the motor is hub motor, it is really have not yet it is mounted the backside 3 KW power again it is rated power it is not the peak but the rated power motor this 3 Kilowatt where is the peak power is 5.5 KW so that's the battery and motor specifications.


the braking system 

the braking and the wheels, so it on the front side there is a 16-inch tubeless tyre is there and you will get it to 20mm disc break a different side see the Telescopic suspension which is available in almost all electric two-wheelers right now in India that's what the company also did the same thing and at the rear side they are given to shocked absorbers whereas the wheel size here is 17-inch tubeless tyre where is the Tides and at the rear is 17 inches and this is also tubeless and the where is the disc brake is 240mm disc brake so these are the braking details of kridn r and also can see the logo of one electric.


Dashboard of kridn r electric bike 

Dashboard of kridn r electric bike, you'll see a small LED display here it's not so big but it is a small LED display you can see speed, range, battery percentage, and voltage, of the battery pack and there are also two indicators for the left indicator and right indicator and also headlamp indicator is also there,



what is the speed for this electric bike, there are three modes available in this electric bike in the first know that of cities around 40 to55 kmpr, whereas in the second mode the top speed is up to 60 to 80 kmpr, in the third model top speed is 95 kmpr, but you will get the 120 km range only in an eco mode that is up to 40 to 55 kmpr, the range will be 120 km because they have increased the speed of the bike.



as compare to rv400, rv400 top speed is 80 Kmpr that's why the bike is able to give up to 156 km range, where kridn r bike speed is 95 kmpr, one of the reasons the range is limited to 120 km on the battery capacity for this bike is 3 kilowatt-hour, that is one more thing where rv400 battery capacity 3.2-kilowatt-hour, lighting of the kridn r electric bikes, the headlight comes with halogen light and the sidelights also comes with yellow lights only where is on the backside also will get one tail lamp and also back side of you will get to indicator lights also and all these Lights are equipped with a low light which means the halogen lights will get the halogen light City backside.

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