Ather 450x, price, speed, specification, Battery and comparison

Ather 450x, price, speed, specification, Battery and comparison

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India's best electric scooter complete details like price, range, speed, specification battery, and comparison with other electric scooters.

Ather 450x

Ather is one of the most popular Bangalore based company, Ather is India’s first intelligent electric vehicle manufacturer which starts from 2013 and they launch their first electric vehicle in 2018 and now they launch another electric vehicle called Ather 450x which is known as the next generation electric vehicle.


in Ather 450x you will get 4G LTE, with a Mobile app where you can complete details of the scooter, GPS Onboard Navigation is very satisfying features through this you can easily navigate the locations, Live Location Tracking on the app help you to show accurate tracking system on your mobile through the app, it’s come with Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, wifi connectivity, OTA updates, you will also get Reverse mode if you need help in pulling back your scooter, also comes with a Side stand sensor and Auto indicator off.


Price of Ather 450x

the price of Ather 450x is Rs. 1.45-1.59 lakh in Bangalore but in other states or cities you may see a little price difference.


Max speed is 80 kmph in power mode but practically we find that Ather 450x can reach 80 to 91 kmph which is very good as compare to other electric scooters but as you run scooter in power mode the mileage will also decrease which can be seen is every electric vehicle while riding faster.


About Battery’s

Main part in every electric vehicle is the battery so let's talk a little about the Battery pack Cylindrical cells have been used in this the Cylindrical cell is called 21700 This helps us understand the Diameter and Height Dimensions The energy density is very high in these cells Can be charged and discharged at a higher rate Because of these cells, you will get a 1.5 km range from every hour of charge in warp mode, where consumption of current is more you get good acceleration and can reach 0-40km/hr. in just 3.3 secs, Battery has a good BMS Which checks the current, controls it. Measures the temperature Checks the Voltage and controls,

Battery protector

monitors the charge and discharge of the battery one more function of the BMS is while it's charging the vehicle it protects the cell whose voltage is more or less than required It also controls the current, as more current can spoil the cells Finally, if the temperature increases while charging, discharging that can be dangerous for the cells. So BMS controls the temperature, another job of the BMS The SOC - State of Charge that you see on the Dashboard. All calculations are done by the BMS We found the quality of BMS in the vehicle to be good The estimation so far in the ride has been accurate so far, the SOC indicator is correct and is showing what you are getting,

best option for whom

Basically for performance-oriented people Who want to zip through, need good acceleration Who does not have a long-distance requirement This is a wonderful vehicle for them for those who need higher range you might want to re-think about this vehicle So if you drive in Eco mode all the way, what is the expected range? According to the test, 80-90 km can be achieved to get 100 km, you may have to go at 20-25 km/hr., which I don’t think anyone would like to drive.


Charging points

The company is targeting to establish a well-set charging point so that riders can easily charge in emergency purpose, charging point is planning to set in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kochi, Coimbatore, and Kolkata.


We going to compare here Ather 450 and Ather 450x which is from the same company, so let’s start comparison--

Price difference- First let’s know about the price difference, the price of Ather 450 is rs.1.13 lakh and the price of Ather 450x is rs. 1.45-1.59 lakh which is lots more than Ather 450.

Color- Ather 450 comes only in white color but Ather 450x comes with multiple colors like white, grey, green(mint).

Motor- In Ather 450 the motor type is PMS motor with the power of continuous/peak 3.3kw/ 6kw and in Ather 450x motor type is Brushless DC, power is continuous/peak 3.3 kw/5.4 kw.

Top speed-coming to the top speed they both are same both are given 80 kmph according to company but in practical Ather 450x can retch 80 to 91 kmph.

Range-Ather 450 give a max range of 75 km in eco mode and Ather 450x give a max range of 85 km in eco mode.

Performance-coming to the performance Ather 450 take a time of 3.9 seconds to reach 0 to 40 kmph and Ather 450x take a time of 3.3 seconds to reach 0 to 40 kmph.

Battery- Ather 450 come with Lithium-ion battery with the power of 2.4 kwh and Ather 450x also come with lithium-ion battery but the power is 2.9 kwh which little more than Arther 450.

Dashboard- Ather 450 7-inch LCD touch display and Ather 450x 7-inch LCD, touch with android.

Features- Ather 450 has 3.5G (HSPA+), mobile app, GPS Onboard Navigation, Live Location tracking on the app, OTA updates, Reverse mode, auto indicator off. And in Ather 450x it has 4G LTE, Mobile app, GPS Onboard Navigation, Live Location Tracking on the app, Bluetooth 4.2, wifi, OTA updates, Reverse mode, Side stand sensor, Auto indicator off.

Riding modes- Ather eco mode range 75 km, in riding mode range 65 km and in Ather eco mode range is 85 km, riding mode range 70 km.

Charging time- Ather 450 home charging 0 to 80% in 4h 30 min and 0 to 100% in 5h 15 min and in Ather 450x 0 to 80% in 3h 35 min and 0 to 100% in 5h 45 min.

Weight- Ather 450 weight is around 118 kg and Ather 450x weight is around 108 kg.

So this is complete compression of Ather 450 and Ather 450x, now you know the difference between these two models, through the compression Ather 450x is more updated one as compare to Ather 450. You can decide now what will be best for you according to your needs.

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