Odysse Evoqis best Indian electric bike

This is the most popular electric bike that had been made and manufacture in India, you will get all the details about this electric bike in this Article.

Electric Bike (Odysse Evoqis)

An electric bike that can change the way you live, the name of this electric bike is Odysse Evoqis and the company name is Odysse, the company that starts in India and manufactures this Evoqis electric bike, so in this the article you will get full details of this electric. bike and you can decide if you buy it or not.

Odysse Evoqis looks

So first of all, the design of this electric bike is very similar to the ninja 300, anyone can mistake that it is an electric bike or a ninja 300, and also has an impressive sporty look. This electric bike is mainly made of metal and the remaining parts are made of plastic fiber and more, the aerodynamic design helps to give this bike a more attractive look.

Odysse Evoqis Features

The suspension of this bike works properly and gives more comfort while riding, reaching the specifications of this Odysse Evoqis bike this electric bike powered by a 3000 Watt motor is a bldc easy hub motor, it is mounted on the right side and The pickup power of this motor is 4.3 kilowatts and the radiated power is 3 kilowatts, and if you see the breakage of this electric bike in the front, in the double-disc brake, and in the rear sight single disc brake, both the front tire and the rear tire are 17-inch tubeless tires, and now it comes to the battery pack of this electric bike, it contains a 4.3 kilowatt lithium-ion battery pack with the specific 72 watts 60 ah, for what is the battery pack, but this battery is fixed and the capacity of the battery the charger is 15 watts with a charging time is 6 hours, which is good and the range of this bike is de 140 km on a single charge in driving mode and in sport mode, the range will decrease a bit, in driving mode, the speed is up to 60 km per hour and in sport mode, it will give up to 80 km per hour at the top speed, in the dashboard bike details are available like battery percent, speed, how many km run, etc. and you can see that most of the design seems to be familiar with the similar to a conventional vehicle here you can see that the speedometer is working properly and the battery percentage is given in terms of bars as low and high, each light looks good and the main light comes with led light, before you go for a ride, you need to turn on the battery saver switch and turn it off again when you are not driving to save battery, which will save a lot of battery and also has then clicked the start button with the remote control to start driving, you will get 4 modes in throttle side reverse mode, parking mode, driving mode, and sport mode, all l or what you need to do is adjust those modes and drive as you like,

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