Best Made In India Electric Scooter-Simple Energy Mark 2

Nowadays India is the biggest two-wheeler market in the world, this market gives every two wheeler manufacturer, a golden offer to grow their company.


Simple Energy Mark 2

India‘s market gives a golden opportunity to those manufacturers who want to launch two-wheeler electric vehicle, you have seen most of the electric scooters with low speed like 25 to 30km per hour and mostly this all comes from China, but India also has two-wheeler electric companies like A30 bs, Bajaj many more companies, Here India launch most fast, affordable and suitable electric scooter “Simple Energy mark 2” this scooter startup in Bengaluru, the launching of this scooter has been delayed due to Covid19 but it is accepted to launch in July 2021.


Features of Simple Energy Scooter that makes it different from other scooters


This scooter truly made India almost 79 to 85 % of the local component has been used in this electric scooter and the lithium-ion  batteries are imported from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, the range of thin scooters is 250km but if you drive-in eco mode nicely than it will give you 260 km in a single charge, you will be able to see three functions here Eco, Normal, and Sport in Eco it can give 260 km range, in Normal 220 km range and in Sport it will give 180 km range which is much better than the rest of the Scooter’s, the top speed of this scooter will be 100 km per hour with fast acceleration (0-50 km per hour in 3.2 seconds) and this is all because of the Smart battery management system, the battery used in this E-scooter is 4.2kilowatt and the weight is only 6kg with removal option, this electric scooter comes with fast charging option where it will charge 0 to 15% just within 20 minutes and 0 to80% within 40 minutes and also you will get internet connectivity Bluetooth and many more features, in total this electric scooter will be going to boom in the market.



Coming to the price of this electric scooter the founder of this scooter Suhas Rajkumar told that it will be not more than 1.1 lakh which is good because as compared to other scooters the price may be less than this electric scooter but the maintenance is very high like if you use randomly petrol scooter for 3 years then it will cost you around 50,000 but this electric scooter will cost you only 4000 of the bill which is very less as compared to a petrol vehicle. It can be launched in mid of this year 2021.

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