KM3000 you should buy or not, complete details

KM3000 you should buy or not, important information

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Kabira Mobility KM3000 important information about this Electric bike, whether you should buy or not and for whom it will be a very good option. 

KM3000 electric bike

This bike KM3000 is fast and good looking, KM3000 will give you the same experience just like other patrol bikes give you, this bike has a great scope in the Indian market because it is an electric bike Government support it to grow the company in the Indian market which will help to control the pollution in India, as this is an electric bike you will be able to see both good and bad things about this electric bike however every vehicle has some good features and some bad features.

Disadvantage of KM3000 electric bike

As this is an electric bike has many disadvantages, the biggest disadvantage is it does not have any gear and brake in the footer area (downside) which is very bad for raiding, you will feel like you are driving a scooter instead of a bike and even it doesn't have a clutch it directly start like a scooter which is not so good for riding experience but all the electric bikes come without gear and clutch which mean you have to compromise this thing to buy an electric bike, suspension braking is not so good however company is improving this bike to give more better experience for riding but if you ride in sport(speed) mode mileage will decrease.

Advantages of  KM3000 electric bike

Instead of gear you will get three modes on the right side of the handle in this bike, Eco, normal and sport are the modes of this bike you will get the good riding experience in this bike, its acceleration is 0 to 80 is very good and can run up to 97 km per hour which is much faster than other electric bikes, the range of this bike is 120km in Eco mode in normal mode 95km and in sport mode it gives 60km containing with 4k watt lithium-ion, LFP battery and it generate 73.6 V with IP65 water Indus resistance, in charging you will get the option of boost charger which will charge 0 to 80% within 50 minutes but in normal it gives 0 to 100% in 6:30 minutes and 0 to 80 in 2:50 minutes which is a good system for charging, you will also get navigation and Bluetooth connectivity in this bike.

KM3000 electric bike Price

The price of this bike is around 1,26,000 which is a lot better than a patrol bike if you want to save money and want a new peaceful and fast riding experience than you should buy it otherwise you can go for random petrol bikes.

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