To set-up Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

To set-up Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

Know how to set up charging station in India with the price of equipment and calculations, E-vehicle has a great future.

To set up Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

Today we will talk about the EV Charging Station Business Idea. The business of Electric Charging stations is very new in India and it is going to grow in the future because almost all the car-making companies of our country have either already launched the electric vehicle. It is going to be launched in the coming years, which means that the time to introduce electric vehicles is tomorrow. Petrol pumps were needed for vehicles, that's why the demand for electric charging stations is going to be very high in the coming times and we have our eyes definitely on this business idea, the things we are going to learn in this article No. 1 what are the basic requirements of the government and policy to set up a charging station? No.2 what will be the setup cost & profit with detailed calculation, no? 3 to start EV charging stations, what are the best locations. No.4 and most important point: when did we start this business?

Basic requirement and policy

The best thing of this business idea is to start this you don’t need any kind of government License, but you have to get clearance from DISCOM, to operate this DISCOM check that all the equipment's are working properly or not ant its safe or not, to check this DISCOM send an electric inspector or representative to check all the things, the government second roll says that the distance between two charging station should be at least 3kms there is no minimum area requirement which means you can set it up in an area that you like but your station should not come in the way of vehicles. The charging station should have a minimum of 3 fast charger and 2 slow chargers, in the fast charger, should have one CCS of a minimum of 50 kw voltage of 200-1000 with 1 connector gun (connector gun is charging device that we plug to vehicle charging system), CHAdeMO minimum 50 kw voltage 200-1000 with 1 connector gun, type 2 AC minimum 22 kw voltage of 380-480 with 1 connector gun  and in slow charges, Bharat DC-001 of 15 kw voltage 72-200 with 1 connector gun and Bharat AC-001 of 10 kw voltage 230 with 3 connector gun of 3.3 kw each. And should have one Exclusive Transformer in every charging station, for power transmission used, should be 33/11 kV cable, in civil work, everything should be good like charging station flooring, painting, branding, Board, and CCTV camera everything should be ok. You can see this role at

Setup cost

As per the government role there should be 3 fast chargers and 2 slow chargers, so the cost of the fast charger are for 50 kw rupees around 7,50,000, CHAdeMO 50 kw rupees 7,50,000, Type 2 AC 22 kw price around 1,25,000 and slow charger Bharat DC 001 15 kw price is around 2.40.000, Bharat AC 001 3x3.3 kw with the price of 70,000, new electricity connection, transformer, cabling(100 m) panels, breaking, Energy meter price will be around 7,50,000, the cost of civil work will be around 2,50,000, the price of EVSE management software integration cost will be around 50,000 in this you have to tie up with any online network service provider for the online booking of charging station slops so the car the owner could book flood online and also will be able to pay online, the to set up CCTV will be around 30,000 and the total setup cost will be around 30,15,000 and the capacity of this fast charging will be 2,340 kw.

Every day operating cost- 1 skilled staff with the monthly salary of around 25,000, for maintenance you should have 1 unskilled staff with 15,000 of monthly income, network service provider cost 6,000 if you take to land in lease then the rent in a month will be around 50,000 which is completely dependent on your location, Advertising the cost will be 30 to 40 thousand, Now the total cost will be around 11,22,000. For charging equipment sellers, you can check

Profit in this business

So for the calculation of earning, we have taken three types of scenarios, the bad, moderate and good.

Let's start with a bad scenario where our sell is 50% which means the total capacity sold is only 50%. We sell only 50% of the capacity, so our capacity for a year will be 11,82,600 kW in which if we sell only 50% then what we fail is 519300 kW and if our margin is ₹ 3 Electric date On top of that, what we have for the whole year of revenue is 17,73,900, and the whole year of the operating cost will be 11,22,00, EVSE Management fee is 10 percent of your total revenue which will be 1,77,390 rupees, so the total operating cost will be 12,99,390 rupees and to total earning before tax is 4,74,510 through this plan we will break the event on 6.5 years.

Moderate scenario where our sell is 75% that here the total sale we have in a year is 83,86,950 kilo watt and the revenue will be 26,60,850 rupees, here the operating cost here are 11 lakhs 22 thousand and total operating cost is 13,88,050 rupees and the earning will be 12,72,765 rupees in this way we break event (recovery) in around 2.4 years 

In the good scenario the sales that we are getting here is about 95 percent, that is, we can sell 95% of the total production of our electricity, so here we have a year revenue is Rs.33.70,410 rupees and our total earning is coming Rs.1911,369 rupees with this calculation we breakeven (recovery) in about 1.6 years. This the total earning which coming from 5 charging equipment’s were it has 3 fast and 2 slow if you increase the number of chargers then the earning will increase even more.

Best location and future of this business

you can set the BV charging station in the parking lot of a mall can set it in any housing society parking area even can set it in the It park or corporate office park, you can set your station in any parking slot of the city. The future of this business is very good but my advice is that you should not start in a hurry, let the electric vehicle launched in a good amount in the Indian market after that you can start it and can get good profit. 

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