Upcoming electric car in India 2021

Electric car in India 

As everyone agreed, the next generation will be the electric vehicle generation, because the government supports the electric vehicle company to increase its business in India, as India was a very big market to grow its company.

In the coming time, more advanced electric vehicles will come out and they will be everyone's first choice, which is very good for the environment and also for people, the electric vehicle is the best solution to the pollution that increases every day so that in the future it will be possible to replace 20% to 30% of the oil vehicle with an electric vehicle.

Upcoming E-Cars are-


In 2021 there is a great chance that Wagon R will launch its electric car as soon as possible, it may be that Wagon R EV will go to a more affordable electric car in India because the price is low and the performance is impressive, this electric car come with a lithium-ion battery that will get you 200 km on a single charge, you will get a fast charge option here that will charge the battery up to 80% in 40 minutes, the look of this electric car will look like a Wagon R car but it will be the updated and futuristic, you will get smartphone connectivity, climate change and automatic transmission option which is very good option to have a good driving experience, the price of this Wagon R E-Car accepted between 8 to 9 lakh.



As Tata's previous Nexon EV car got a good response in the Indian market, which influenced the company to launch more good and affordable electric cars in the market, this Tata Altroz EV comes with a 30.2 kWh motor that will run up to 300 km on a single charge. And you also have a fast charge option that will charge you up to 80% in an hour, you will get this car with front-wheel drive, the best thing about this car is the mileage, you will run 300 km on a single charge, and when you get to the appearance, you will get a top-quality appearance in this electric car, this car will be launched in Aug 2021 priced between 11-12 Lakh.



This car will come with 2 variants, low range, and high range, the low range car will give you 350km mileage on a single charge, and the high range car will give you 400km on a single charge, the look of this car Common crawl en A more futuristic and forward-looking car, you will get an LED light and camera system on this car, which is very good, this car is accepted to launch in the second half of 2021 close to 15 lakh.


This is another MAHINDA car, this car was first shown at the car show under the future vision of Mahindra, this car will be Mahindra's first all-electric in-house car and is being built on a maximum of 48 platforms, the look of this car is similar to the KUV 100 but it was updated with some extra features like you will get the option of cooling zebine, dual ABS, dual airbags, location tracking system, etc, the engine comes with a motor unique electric that contains a power of 54ps and a torque of 120 Nm. that create good power, it will run 150 km on a single charge and agreed to launch in July 2021 with the price of 8.25 Lakh.


International business time called this car a TESLA killer because the features that this car provides are only available inexpensive cars, this is a small, compact and affordable car, the engine that this car contains comes with 26.8 kWh, power 44- 54 PS, and maximum torque 128Nm, RENAULT KWID EV runs 271 km on a single charge and 80% of the battery will be charged in just 50 minutes, this car is accepting its launch in December 2021 with the price of around 10 Lakh.

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